Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Moving on

Hello! Looks like I've completely abandoned this blog eh? Well, yes, I did, but for good reason. My husband and I have begun to start a business selling letterpressed cards and stationary. As one would expect, my drawing attention has shifted over to our new project. If you wish to continue to follow my art making, you can join our other blog here:

Of course, I'll still be doing other projects and will not turn down a drawing commission, so I'll keep this blog going, though my posts will be far and few.

And, speaking of other projects, this very large drawing was recently finished! It's a trade for my friend who will be making the Darling Press website. This drawing is definitely my biggest achievement thus far. From start to finish (with life getting in the way, i.e. having a baby, buying a home) the whole thing took me 3 years to finish. It's not the biggest I've ever made, but the most work put into a drawing; a proud accomplishment indeed.

all photos by my good friend Alicia Carrier

I hope you all are doing well, and I promise to check on you often.